Remedies & Wares for a
Magickal & Mindful Lifestyle

The Leaf and Cauldron makes and sells products to enhance a magical and mindful lifestyle. Our own products are made utilizing earth and lunar magick, herbalism, crystal energy and art. Complemented by a collection of curated of products from likeminded makers, authors and artisans, The Leaf and Cauldron will help you live your life with intention and find magick the every day.

Why a leaf and a cauldron?

The leaf has within in it the magickal wisdom of all that we cannot define. It represents the circle of life, death and rebirth. A cauldron is a sacred vessel, a symbol of the divine feminine, that allows for the transformation from one thing into something else. It represents potential and creativity and it reminds us that change possible, if you put your intention to it.

Similarly our mission is to provide products and services made responsibly with natural ingredients to assist people in transforming their lives with intention, awareness, and ultimately with magickal mindfulness.