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Magical Candle Spell

Magical Candle Spell

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Each 10 inch tall taper candle is hand charged with herbs, crystals and anointed with ritual oils to enhance your manifestations and magical practices.

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Prosperity to attract abundance manifestation. Be it wealth, harvest, bounty of any sort, this spell will conjure the essence of plenty.

Love & Sensuality is for body positivity and confidence. It manifests passion, sensuality and attraction for ourselves and others. 

Health & Wellness is a pure white light manifestation to bring health and healing both physically and mentally. Is not intended to replace medical or mental health care when needed. 

Creativity crafts an orange glow to connect to the energy center in the body where creativity resides. Use it to conjure new ideas and inspirations. 

Protection conjures a shield around your circle. It can help to barricade yourself from negative energies, environmental toxins, pollutants or EMF radiation. Crate a safe space for yourself within its glow. 

Each spell is hand crafted, sometimes to order and as each is unique they may look slightly different than the photo. These are designed for burning in a safe outdoor space, as they can flare up and spark. They are meant for ritual practice and should never be left burning unattended.

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