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The Leaf and Cauldron

Moon Phase Cold Pressed Vegan Soap

Moon Phase Cold Pressed Vegan Soap

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Down through a forest glade tails a narrow path that leads to a clear deep pool of cool clear water. In the light of the moon, the water reflects the sky above to afford the feeling of bathing in a starry sea. Down a slide of rocks worn smooth by the constant journey of water from the mountain top to the sea, you sit and bathe in the aroma of the petrichor from the rain soaking in to the dry soil. Under each phase of the moon, many things feel the same and different at the same time. But as you sit and listen to the sound of the peepers over the babbling water you contemplate what you have achieved and what you wish to achieve. Harnessing the wisdom in these recycled waters and the ebb and flow of the moon, you set intentions for yourself and bathe in the moon. 

The new moon phase is that of possibilities. It is the time to go within and set intentions of what you wish to attract. It is also a time of rest and peace. The new moon soap has notes of lavender and lemon grass and charged with dark moonstone, your new moon intentions will be enhanced as you bathe mindfully. 

The first quarter moon acknowledges the obstacles in the way of reaching your intentions. It is a time for action and hard work. The moon is working toward becoming full. The first quarter soap has subtle notes of rosemary and thyme and charged with tiger eye and carnelian to invigorate stimulate and bring courage for your work. Do not be hindered by these challenges...overcome them.

The Full Moon celebrates all that we have achieved! It also shines bright light on what we need to release and let go of. Nothing hides from the light of the full moon. The full moon soap has slight hints of citrus and patchouli and is charged with moonstone. See the reflection of your efforts and basque in the glory of your accomplishments.

The third quarter moon is past full and waning until it can begin to grow again. This is a time to show us the potential of what is to be of our future selves when we release what must go. It is a time of introspection and especially trust. The third quarter soap has hints of sage and is charged with black tourmaline. This is our most vulnerable time, but you will be protected with the efforts of these herbs and crystals. 

Contains: Olive oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, organic shea butter, water, sodium hydroxide (lye), fragrance/essential oils, gem elixirs and herbs. 

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