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The Leaf and Cauldron

Magical Poppet Cushion

Magical Poppet Cushion

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Poppets have been used for centuries by countless cultures as a tool for manifesting.  This original block print, hand printed and sewn with button eyes has a unique personality of its two are exactly alike. The poppet is filled with herbs, crystals and amulets that promote: protection; love; health; creativity and prosperity. When you puncture the poppet with the pin, it releases the energetic properties of the filling and helps to manifest your hopes, wishes and desires.

The ideal use of this poppet should be for you and manifesting for yourself. It is intended so in the design. Ideally you should customize it, sewing and adding elements of yourself.  This poppet is not a toy, please use it with respect. Blessed be.

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