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The Leaf and Cauldron

Intention Soaks

Intention Soaks

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Finding the time for self care is the first step in manifesting your magical intentions. These ritually charged bomb soaks are perfect for conjuring your desires. Whether using in the bath or in a foot soak, the herbs, essential oils and crystal elixirs are specific to your intention, helping to add more magic to your mindfulness. 

All in a base of baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, epson and pink Himalayan salts each spell is unique for its purpose:

Love and Sensuality helps to foster a love of the self, for it is only then can we attract loving kindness to our lives. Made from herbs such as rose petals and lavender, essential oils including sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla and rose quartz gem elixir, this soak will delight your senses and connect you to the intention to love yourself first.

Prosperity and Abundance helps attract what you need into your life to be fulfilled and have what you need to thrive. Made from herbs such as basil, green tea and oat, essential oils including basil and ginger, and citrine, pyrite and jade gem elixirs, this soak grounds you to the physical world and to the things you want to attract.

Calm Mind helps relieve an anxious thoughts that distract us from our true purpose. Made from herbs such as lemon balm and lavender and essential oils including clary sage, and vetiver and amethyst gem elixir, this soak focuses you on the here and now. Perfect for before bedtime to enhance a peaceful slumber. 

The varieties work well alone, or along with Intention Scents to enhance your spell work. 

Approximate size 1.75" round. Discontinue use should sensitivity occur. Not intended to treat ailments nor replace necessary care from medical or mental health professionals. Not FDA Approved. 

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