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The Leaf and Cauldron

Intention Scents

Intention Scents

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Spell Style

Spell Your Desire and Scent Your Intention

These ritually charged spells, made from crystals, herbs, essential oils and gem elixirs in an organic carrier oil base allow you to set your intention with a scent Each sniff will remind you of your manifestation and bring mindfulness to your practice all day (or night) long.

Each 2 oz. roller ball glass bottle is sealed with the intention and a crystal to enhance the energetic properties of the spell. 

Prosperity is an earthy and spicy scent that helps to conjure abundance. Use it for spells to bring money, employment opportunities, a grand harvest, or with any bounty that you are manifesting manifest. Pair with the Prosperity Magical Spell Candle to enhance your craft. 

Love & Sensuality is a spicy scent with light floral overtones. This is a spell scent for body positivity and confidence. It is also a scent that unleashes passion, sensuality and attraction for ourselves and others. I conjures a love for yourself, as a sensual and attractive, positive being. 

Protection is a peppery citrusy scent that conjures a shield of protection around you. Shield yourself from harmful elements, pollutants, negative energies or anything you want to keep from your energetic being including environmental toxins, EMF's, smog, pollutants, mean name it. 

Pair with the Protection Magical Spell Candle to enhance your craft. 

Samhain is a slightly orangey scent with mystic overtones including sage, rosemary and myrrh. This scent will thin the veil and allow you to connect with the energies of those that have crossed through to the other side. Use this spell to garnish wisdom from the ancients. Perfect for spiritual work in October and throughout the rest of the wheel of the year. 

Calm Mind is an earthy scent with subtle lavender overtones. The combination of herbs, crystals and oils are specific for helping to soothe feelings of anxiety and battles with insomnia. It is like taking a deep breath and sighing your ails away. Not intended to replace physical or mental health care when needed. 

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