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The Leaf and Cauldron

Brown Tail Moth Rash Soother - Roll On

Brown Tail Moth Rash Soother - Roll On

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Those of you that don't know what Brown Tail Moth Rash is...consider yourselves very lucky! The caterpillar of the brown tail moth has hairs that cause a poison ivy-like itchy rash to skin. This remedy from the Hags Cupboard uses time tested herbs, essential oils,  gem elixirs and clay in a witch hazel and isopropyl alcohol base to soothe moth also works just as well on poison ivy to cool the itchy burn. 

Apply to spots and repeat as necessary. 

(I have a customer that calls it the B.T.C.H. Rash remedy, (Brown Tail Caterpillar Hair)... "because those caterpillars are a real BITCH!")

*The statements regarding this product have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to replace professional medical care. Discontinue use should irritation occur. For external use only. 

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