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Bonny Balm for red, irritated skin conditions

Bonny Balm for red, irritated skin conditions

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Bonny Balm is the go to product from the Hags Cupboard to help heal red, chafed, and irritated skin conditions.  Whether it be diaper rash for babies or adults, or red sore noses during a cold. Bonny Balm works fast to provide a layer of water resistant healing protection that won't just wash or wipe off, sealing in soothing herbs to help the skin heal.

First introduced as Bonny Bottom Balm in 2002 under our former business, Moore Naturally, LLC. This product was featured in Mothering Magazine as a Best Pick for diaper rash. 

Our customers have sung its praises for chafed thighs, chilblains, sore noses, nursing nipples, diaper rash, menstrual rashes, irritated "bottoms" and many more uses...  

The new formula is charged with chrysocolla, amethyst and calcite that promote healing for rash, and irritated skin conditions. It also includes the healing herbs and essential oils of plantain, comfrey, calendula, lavender and neroli in an olive oil, lanolin, vitamin e oil and beeswax base. 

2 oz. tin screw top container

*The statements made about this product have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to replace medical care when necessary. Discontinue use should irritation occur. For external use only. 

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