Custom Services

Cultivate your Magickal and Mindful Lifestyle...

At The Leaf and Cauldron we want to help you cultivate a lifestyle of mindfulness, positivity, health and happiness. We will work with you individually to make remedies, spells, garments, artwork, or any magickal wares you want, to help achieve that goal. 


Custom Remedy Formulation

Founded by a Certified Master Herbalist™ and Gemstone Energy Healer, The Leaf & Cauldron offers Pre-made and Custom Remedies for clients to help support their physical and emotional well being.



Herbal Brews ✧ Tinctures ✧ Topical Treatments ✧ Elixirs ✧ Spells 


Custom Party Favors

A Leaf & Cauldron Workshop Party, is a creative event where your invited guests take a simple questionnaire to formulate a custom product. You provide the occasion, venue, food and drink, and we provide a the Magickal based activity where everyone leaves with a custom product that they helped make. Or just have us make favors for your party or event. Perfect for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby name it.

Elixirs ✧ Sun Sign Mysts ✧ Medicinal Tinctures ✧ Meditative Spells
Bath Salts ✧ Mantra Mysts ✧ Dream Pillows ✧ Herbal Brews


Custom Garments & Block Prints

The Leaf & Cauldron's original Lino block prints can be applied to clothing and wares, adding an artistic flare. Up-cycle a piece of your favorite clothing with our existing art or have us custom design Lino block art for your business or special occasion.