Connecting with your Magical Self...

About Me

My name is Jessica Moore and I am the proprietor and artist behind The Leaf and Cauldron. I am a former actor, graphic designer and art director, Waldorf Early Childhood teacher and a certified Master Herbalist, from The American College of Healthcare Sciences. I have done many things with my days through my years, including owning a successful Medicinal Herbal Products company. It became time for me to redirect my daily energies toward a career path that connected all of my passions and brought me fulfillment. I made a herb and gem enhanced sun sign mantra myst for myself. Every day for a year, starting on my 47th birthday, I misted myself and repeated my mantra, which was to “Reap My Harvest From All the Seeds I Have Sewn.” After six or seven months, the idea of The Leaf and Cauldron came to me in a dream. It took another six or so months to have it evolve to be a culmination of all “of my seeds.” The premise behind The Leaf and Cauldron is that we all possess the intuitive knowledge and power within ourselves to create the life we desire, we just need to know where to look. My personal goal is to connect people with their magical selves and the world around them...

I pull from a lot of my training as a Waldorf Teacher, Medicinal Herbalist and Crystal Energy Healer in putting together products that support that message. I use my own original block prints to create products that remind the user to be mindful of each moment. I make remedies and spells that incorporate the ancient knowledge passed down by wise women for millennia as well as intuit my own inner knowledge. My products encourage users to reconnect with the universal truths that are often missing from our daily lives.  

The Leaf and Cauldron is evolving and I am trusting it will become what it is meant to be. I hope that you will continue to join me on this journey and stay tuned for what will come next. And that you will enjoy my products and that they will help you to connect with the natural rhythms of nature and the creative power you possess within yourself. 



Remember, use your common sense. Seek professional care when needed. Our products are not intended to replace medical/mental health care or the guidance of trained professionals. And be sure to discontinue use should sensitivity occur.