Scenting an Intention with Intention Scents™

Scenting an Intention with Intention Scents™

There is nothing new about the process of intention setting. From the Law's of Abraham to The Secret, to mood boards and mantras, setting an intention is setting your desire in motion. Everything in the world is made of energy from inanimate objects to human beings, each is made of elements that vibrate energy. Directing that energy to help manifest your goals, dreams, desires and path takes practice. By quieting your mind, and bringing your undistracted awareness to your goals, exercises your manifesting muscle so to speak. 

There are different ways of training your mind to cultivate the possibilities of positive thought. A visual object can help train your mind to stay focused on your goals. By placing something where you can always see it, reminds you to check in with yourself and be sure you are aligning with your intentions. Intention Scents™ works in the same fashion. These spells, are composed of herbs, crystals, elixirs, amulets, essential oils that are formulated to work in harmony with specific desires. And when throughout the day, you get a whiff of the scent, it trains your mind to stay aligned with your goals. 

No matter how you choose to practice intention setting, whether it be a verse or journaling or a bonfire, using an Intention Scents™ to "spell your desire and scent your intention," will give your mind a sensory focal point to reconnect with that intention. 

I start my day with a mantra. I stand at my altar and light a candle, to bring the fire element, I light incense to cultivate the air element, I have a glass of fresh water to invite the water energy and I keep a bowl of salt and soil to charge my crystals to honor the earth element. Each morning I start my day by standing at this place and bringing my awareness and gratitude for these elements that keep me healthy and safe in body mind and spirit. I then take an Intention Scent™ spell and anoint my pulse points before extinguishing the candle and starting my day. As I go about the tasks of the day, I am reminded of this gratitude as I catch a sniff of the spell. I make sure that I mindfully reconnect to my mantra and to the gratitude I have for the elementals around me at all times whenever I smell it. 

I hope this serves a helpful insight in how you can use your Intention Scents™ spell in your own personal style and practice. 

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