Mental Focus Items to help Meditations

Mental Focus Items to help Meditations

It is so common for the mind to wander during meditation. It takes the patience and practice of a master to keep the brain from interjecting distractions. Using a focal point or drishti can

help train the mind to be free from the external world and release distractions. ⁣

A meditation support tool, can serve as a focal point and uses a strategy of busying the mind with a kinesthetic and multi-sensory approach. There are many tools available, from finger labyrinths, to singing bowls, to mandala beads, even to our Meditation Focal Packs. 

Our packs are made from original block prints and are filled with different combinations of ingredients like: herbs; crystals; talismans; and amulets. The specific fillings have properties related to different themes and can enhance the intention of your meditation work while affording a multi sensory experience through sight, smell and touch. The very action of passing a pack it back and forth in sync with your breathing from one hand to the other, while crossing of the vertical midline of your body, connects the right and left brains together to better integrate your meditative practice. 

So if your mind tends to start thinking about what to make for supper or that never ending "to do" list while you are trying to be mindful, consider a meditation tool to temporarily silence the mind chatter. It may enhance your meditative work and clear the way for more focused meditations.

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