How to use spell candles

How to use spell candles

Spell candles are ritually charged tapers that are are anointed with herbs, oils, and gems/crystals that are specific for the intended spell. Using a spell candle can be left to your personal preference and style of magic-making, and can be as simple as lighting it and watching it burn while thinking of your intended purpose. There is no right or wrong way to use a spell candle, provided that you are burning it safely and with care. 

Just like with any practice, you can experiment with different uses of the product to see how to best support your personal magical journey. For example if you are trying to draw something into your life, consider using the moon's phases to support your efforts. As the moon waxes and comes to fullness, it is generally considered a time of bringing something into fruition. While just the opposite for the time of the waning moon, where it is a time of release and letting go. The new moon is a time of starting from scratch, like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, it can be a phase of creating something new. 

The seasons also contain this same energy and can be used in your practices. The earth has its own cycle of waxing and waning that can accompany your manifestations. 

You can burn a spell candle all at once, or use it over the course of a moon phase, season or year. 

When the candle is done and only a residual amount remains, remember that that contains all of your intentional energy and should be honored and disposed of with care and respect. Consider a place of significance and perhaps bury your candle remains in a forest, garden or even a potted plant. Or perhaps set your intentions back to the universe by letting it go in a stream, river or the ocean. 

The following are suggestions for practices with our spell candles, but remember to be free to allow your own words, music, art, etc. to enhance the personalization of your practice:

Love & Sensuality Candle Magic Spell

This spell is intended to open yourself to loving and the things that enhance your senses of joy and pleasure. When you start to bring awareness to things you love, you start attracting love to you and you become open to receiving love and sensuality. This isn't only the love from another person, it can also be from a pet or even just surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy.

Love is an intense feeling of affection and affinity. It is noticing the things that are of interest and pleasure to you. Sensuality is the enjoyment, expression, pursuit and gratification of what brings you pleasure. 

On a new moon, open your magical or meditative practice as you normally would and then light the candle.

Stare at the flame and allow the warming radiance of the glow to fill your consciousness. (Consider bringing things from the 4 elements that bring you joy and pleasure. Maybe a particular flower, or essential oil, or crystal... the candle will serve as the fire element.)

While focusing on the flame, and shutting out all your mind's excess chatter, say:
I am surrounded by things I love
I am worthy of love,
I love and I will be loved.
I emit love and therefore I attract love.

Watch the candle flame and allow the burning flame to ignite love for yourself within your consciousness. When you are ready, snuff the flame. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and out through your nose. Repeat two more times. Close your practice as you normally would. 

Practice this each day and state the same intentions up to the full moon. The night of the full moon, bury the candle residue in your garden, or a potted plant by your entrance way or even in a house plant that you love. Every time you look upon that spot, remind yourself that you are full of love and that you attract love. 

Creativity Candle Magic Spell

When you are looking to cultivate creativity within yourself, you are looking to open the channels to receive inspiration. This manifestation is a bit of a two way road, as this is a practice of removing what is blocking that channel, and cultivating the creative energy. So this is best done over the course of a full cycle of the moon or even a full year. In order to attract you must first get rid of those blockages, so start this manifestation at night, when things are waning, either the day after the full moon, or on the autumn equinox or Samhain/Halloween (Northern Hemisphere). During this waning time, pay attention to any energies or thoughts that are hindering the cultivation of creativity. Self doubt, feeling unworthy, self criticism, timidness, fear, etc. are all blockades to the flow of creative forces into your being. You must first work on acknowledging those and dismiss them before being ready to cultivate creative energy. Just like a field needs to be plowed and removed of rocks and weeds before the harvest can grow, so must you remove those things that hinder the growth of your dreams. This spell is best accompanied by journaling. Light your candle, and purge-journal every negative thought of what is holding you back. At the midway point of either the moon phase or year, essentially close the book on those thoughts. Do not allow them to hold power over you any further. For this last night of removal, state:
When I extinguish this candle today, I am extinguishing all the negative thoughts, fears and doubts that block me from my creative energy. Those thoughts will no longer hold power over me and will not prevent me from achieving my potential. 

The next day, start the attraction phase of the spell. Practice this phase of candle magic in the light of day. Acknowledge any positive thoughts, actions, deeds and energies that have come into your life. Each day, burn the candle and journal those events. When you awake, notice if any ideas come to you from your sleep. Take note of them. Focus on attracting and harvesting your desires. See yourself achieving your goals or aspirations.

At the start of the next cycle, you should be clearly aware of the things that sabotage you and able to navigate toward manifesting your creative reality. 

 Prosperity & Abundance Candle Magic Spell

The north cardinal direction is associated with the element earth and prosperity is also associated with the element of the earth, so cast your altar with your candle for abundance facing north to call in the spirit of the element to your manifestations. A waxing moon growing to full is time for manifesting abundance. Start your practice as you would and then light your prosperity spell candle. 

As you watch the flame grow and flicker, in your minds eye, focus on exactly the amount of money you need. Clearly note the date you need it by, see your bank statement with the amount in the account and see yourself spending the money or paying it out. 

Once you have made it so in your mind, write "a check" (it can be a real check or a slip of paper) with the date, amount and payable to filled out. (You can pay it to yourself too.) Take the "check" and fold it up, light it in the flame of the candle and burn it in a fire safe dish or cauldron. Blow the ashes to the north and snuff the candle.

Alternatively, you can use the candle to routinely manifest abundance to your life in general. Surround the candle holder with  things that represent abundance to you. It could be produce, wheat, cash, coins, crystals such as pyrite, jade, or citrine. Light the candle and call in the element of the north, and the earth to send prosperity, luck and abundance to you. Pass the crystals through the flame and say:
The power of these crystals will attract money, abundance and prosperity to me.
I will want for nothing, and I will be grateful for all I am given. 

Leave your abundance altar set up and regularly repeat the spell. Remember to acknowledge and give thanks when prosperity is sent to you and those you love. 

Hopefully these ideas for practicing with your spell candle will bring you awareness to connect with the rhythms of nature and the moon to help enhance your manifestations. Note other ways your manifesting can be enhanced by your surroundings. Take note of when your practice should occur in the day or the night, in the winter or the summer.  Be aware of when you want to attract or repel and let that be your guide for spell work. 





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